Futurgrooves and The Void Project team puts to honneur its collaborators and the artists that allow the label to grow. Kompo, producer and composer of electronic music from Brussels welcomes us for an interview. Producer of Transylvania Express and Space Travel, with A.G for The Void Project’s third EP, here is our meet with a curious and extraordinary artist. 

Kompo: a surprising artist

Producer and composer from Brussels, Kompo suggests a disconcerting universe, and rich in musical experiences. It’s by improving himself that Kompo slowly entered the small world of Brussels’ minimal scene. Surrounded mostly by amateurs of rock and punk music, step by step this producer and composer arrived at Zodiak’s DJ booth. It’s by discovering Para One that Kompo got interested for the first time in producing electronic music. “It was the first artist that got me interested, he made me want to start producing music, I really asked myself how he did that”. Since that day, Kompo composes and produces at a frantic pace. A real geek for machines and modules, it’s with his insatiable curiosity that he explores more sonorities to produce minimal tracks, experimental and unexpected.

Kompo: the discovery of Brussels’ minimal scene

While Kompo has been producing for almost 10 years, it’s only in 2018 that we got delivered his first EP “Monfidelfido from Black Wall Records. This EP is composed of 3 minimal titles, hovering experimental music and proposes a last track with worrying sounds featuring Herton.

This project was born thanks to his first mixes in Brussels’ nightlife, especially at Zodiak, “It’s by entering this small world of the minimal electronic scene – that I actually thought was a big world – that I go to meet the team at Black Wall Records”, he explains. This Brussels label with a slight orientation for techno wanted to propose something different, and only naturally went over to Kompo for this EP 100% minimal.

Kompo: Throughout the meetings

Kompo is active in the underground projects of Brussels, worn by actors such as collectif Beatronic or the Zodiak nightclub, “I am not officially in collaboration with Zodiak, but I feel involved because it’s like a big family”, he specifies. Kompo has an amazing curiosity: he always wants to meet more people, “Even if a certain meet doesn’t turn into a collaboration, it’s always interesting to discover how other people produce music, it allows me to always learn more” he declares.

Certain meets sometimes turn out to be musical crushes, like it was with A.G , who he produced two tracks with for The Void Project and with whom he got his last project out with Dim Sum Records: Kepler 156. These two artists are complementary, starting with the way they approach music to their respective set ups. “For a few months, A.G and I had almost the same set up, the same crushes and it was funny to start with a track in my studio and to finish it in his”, he explains.

Kompo: a curious artist with inhibited productions

Kompo never waits to discover sound universes. He recently acquired a module that he already controls, despite the complexity of how these machines work together. Kompo constantly nourishes his passion for music and doesn’t hesitate to shake up the established order set up by minimal. His track Swarti featuring Gaouta under the label Fixed:Composite is an irrefutable proof, by proposing a track that intertwines minimal and arabic vocals. For the rest, we can expect a few notes of clarinet, an instrument that he’s currently learning how to play.

Kompo : the feedback

So, what should we really expect with an artist like Kompo? It’s a question which Futurgrooves’ team cannot reply to. Kompo is an explorer of the sound world, never full, hungry for new musical experiences. Only a word from our team: an artist to follow without moderation!

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