Is this course right for me?

Beginners: This course is for everybody who has little or no experience with producing, Dj’ing or Ableton.

No Beginner, neither Advanced: If you fall in between these two categories we can offer private lessons to get you ready for the advanced course. If you have doubts about this, please get in touch with us.

Advanced: You’re already producing your own music or playing dj sets, but it isn’t quite on the level you would like it to be. This course is meant to help you get to your desired level and get your music ready to get signed to one of your favorite labels or played in your favorite clubs.

Is this course accessible to all producer software (DAW) users?

We use Ableton during our courses, Switching from any DAW to Ableton is quite easy.

Do I need a laptop for the Course?

We highly recommend having a computer or laptop to be able to follow the program.

Do I need headphones?

Yes, you should bring a pair of headphones to the course. Almost all headphones will do, this is a matter of personal taste.

Do I have to buy Ableton Live myself?

Ableton LIVE offers a 90 day free trial https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/.

In how many installments can I pay for the course?

We offer the ability to pay in two installments. 50% upon confirmation and the remaining 50% halfway through the course. Please contact our staff for more information.

Do you have DJ courses?

Yes indeed we have Dj courses for beginners and advanced. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date or send an email to info@futurgrooves.com to ask for more info.

Do I also learn how to DJ during the producer course?

During the producer course you won’t learn how to DJ but we offer this option as a separate course. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date or send an email to info@futurgrooves.com to ask for more info.

What makes the Futurgrooves Academy unique compared to the competition?

Go to our About page to find out everything about who we are, what we do, and why we can offer you more than other music production and DJ courses.

How much practical time will I get?

All Futurgrooves  courses have a focus on practical, hands-on delivery. The amount of practical time varies, depending on your course.

How many students are in a class?

This can vary depending on the campus and course. You may, for example, have a larger lecture group for common units, and a smaller tutorial group of 4-8 students. In most cases tutorial sizes average 5 – 10 students.

How do I provide futurgrooves feedback about my experiences?

We always welcome feedback. Students are welcome to provide feedback to our staff, teachers or via our Google review page. For more information, contact your teacher or the administration team.


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Unless otherwise agreed, the rental price shall be payable prior to pick-up or delivery of the leased goods at the registered office of Futurgrooves. The rental price includes (i) the rental price of the goods in accordance with Article 2, (ii) if applicable, the price of transport and delivery in accordance with Article 3 and (iii) the amount of the deposit that the renter owes to Futurgrooves in accordance with the proposal of Futurgrooves of a minimum of 200€. If this payment is not received in full, Futurgrooves is entitled to refuse the delivery of the rented goods. In case of non respect of any of its obligations by the tenant, or in case of cancellation of the rental, Futurgrooves reserves the right to cash the deposit, without prejudice to its right to claim all the damage it would have suffered. Any modification of the order 48 hours before the delivery may be subject to a supplement. The invoices are payable in cash. A supplement of 4€ excluding V.A.T. for administrative charges will be asked for any invoice lower than 50€ excluding V.A.T. In the absence of complaint by registered letter in the 10 days of their date of emission, the invoices are regarded as accepted definitively by the tenant. Any sum not paid on the due date shall automatically and without formal notice bear conventional interest of 10.5% per month of delay started. In addition to this interest, any sum unpaid at its due date will be increased by right, as a fixed and irreducible compensation, of 15% with a minimum of 125€.


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It is advised to place an order as soon as possible, i.e. as soon as the precise needs and the date of the event are defined (details of the material and quantities).

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The transport prices are fixed prices depending on the location and the volume of the order and are exclusive of VAT.

The transport costs are specified in the offer and/or the reservation which is subject to your agreement.

Included in the fixed price for delivery and collection of the rented goods are: 30 min for unloading and 30 min for loading, for one man. Waiting time and/or any additional services are charged at 15€/15min/man.

Schedules and places

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Unless special conditions have been agreed and accepted by the parties, the delivery and collection are made on the first floor and at the entrance of the buildings. The premises must be accessible to a truck or van*. The hirer shall provide all practical information relating to the delivery and collection of the equipment.

For deliveries: The renter agrees to receive the rented goods at the place and time, according to the time slot agreed upon with Futurgrooves. In default, Futurgrooves can bring back the said goods to its premises, at the expense of the lessee.

For pick-ups: The lessee also agrees that the rented goods are accessible and ready to be loaded for pick-up. If not, a second transport will be charged.

Futurgrooves declines any responsibility in case of extension of the delivery time, in particular in case of loss of material, delay caused on the road, demonstration, strike or any other exceptional event.

2) REMOVAL: The lessee may choose to remove and/or return the leased goods himself.

In this case, the (un)loading, transport and (un)assembly of the rented goods are at the expense and risk of the lessee. Futurgrooves is not liable for breakage or damage to the rented goods during transport if this is done by the lessee or a carrier appointed by the lessee.

The material on the spot must be (un)loaded by the hirer himself. If the tenant stipulates the need to be helped by our team, Futurgrooves declines any responsibility in case of breakage or damage brought to the material or the vehicle during the (un)loading.

Schedules and places

All pick-ups and returns must be done on a working day, during our workshop opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm (by appointment and for pick-ups only).

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The proposed prices are valid for a period of three working days, including the day of collection or delivery and the day of return or recovery. Beyond this period, the rental price will be subject to an estimate. If the rented goods are not returned at the end of the term provided for in the contract, the rental will be renewed by right for successive periods of the same duration as that initially provided for. However, Futurgrooves may terminate the contract by notifying the lessee of its desire to repossess the rented goods at the expiration of the current term.

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The rented goods must be returned in the state in which the hirer received them, if necessary, in the packaging provided for this purpose. Any rented goods not returned, damaged or returned unfit for use, whatever the cause, including theft, fire or any other event, will be invoiced at their market price, increased by 15%. The counting and qualitative examination of the leased goods (the “Control”) is carried out in the care of Futurgrooves, in the warehouses of Futurgrooves. The lessee may request that the Control be contradictory, by fax or by e-mail sent before the end of the lease. Otherwise, the lessee is presumed to accept the inspection performed by Futurgrooves. The costs of the contradictory inspection will be invoiced at the price of labor if it should reveal, in the end, that the goods are in conformity with the delivery note, both as to their number and their condition.


As stipulated in our general terms and conditions, all equipment entrusted to us for rental must be returned clean, in good condition and packaged as received.

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