Activities for kids

Our musical activities for children and teenagers.

Futurgrooves organizes musical activities on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the school year, as well as initiation courses for children during school holidays.

We propose a learning of the basics of rhythmics through practice-oriented courses by going off the tracks of traditional music courses. During our classes, the children practice and are always in contact with the instrument. Learning is done in a fun way through experimentation. We want to transmit the theory by combining the pleasure of playing, creating and sharing music from the very first moments.

Kids DJing lesson

We are a young and dynamic team that listens to young people. Our goal is to pass on our accumulated knowledge to young people through hard work and give them the keys to flourishing their own creativity.

We want to promote music and in a broader sense the culture and passion of creation. We also have values of social inclusion. Music is a group affair, and encourages us to look at those around us. It is inspired by people, society, it tells a story and it is shared.

futurgrooves dj lesson

Through our activities, we want to stimulate the creativity of youth, and give them the confidence to undertake the challenges they will encounter during their journey.

The team offers music lessons and initiation courses in musical production from the age of 6 through various fun workshops such as percussion, rhythm, singing, guitar, piano, DJ’ing and computer-assisted music. The young age of the students calls for discovery through experimentation, the courses are focused on the practice and the pleasure of music

Futurgrooves also opens its doors to adults with evening classes and occasional masterclasses.


initiation musicales

Musical initiation

6-12 years

Various musical activities related to music and body movement in space.


6-12 years

Initiation to percussion, students practice various percussion instruments.

Piano lessons


6-12 years

Individual piano lessons

(on request)

Jazz/ soul/ R’N’B/ rock styles

DJ lesson for kids


9 – 18 years

DJ’ing courses for children and teenagers.

Participants are divided into age and level groups.

guitare lesson


12 – 18 years 

Individual guitar lessons

(on request)

cours de musique assistée par ordinateur


12 – 18 years

Computer-assisted music production course for teenagers.

Participants are divided into age and level groups.

Workshops and masterclasses are given during the school holidays.