Bootcamps and summer camps

Futurgrooves Academy musical bootcamps and summer camps

Futurgrooves is an association born from the desire to promote contemporary music. The Futurgrooves Academy is a music school that aims to promote the culture of electronic and acoustic music

We support our students in their development. We want to give them more than just teaching material, we want to give them a vision, and to do that, we have to take a practical approach, which is the best way to assimilate the lessons.

stage pour enfants futurgrooves

Through our courses, musical activities and booth camps, we also wish to instill team spirit, which is essential in the world (of music), whether at the level of production, distribution, or even in terms of inspiration. This makes team spirit, one of our core values, that we pass on to our students by fostering interaction between music lovers from different backgrounds. 

We offer basic and rhythmic learning. We want learning to be done in a fun way, through experimentation. During our classes, children are in constant contact with the various instruments. Our desire to transmit theory by associating the pleasure of playing, creating and sharing music is primordial. 

We want to awaken the creative sense of the children, and for us, music is a great way to awaken that creativity. Through music, children will be able to discover themselves and others.

activités musicales pour enfants
Our courses are numerous and for the most part accessible from the age of 6 years old. Concretely, what can the kids learn during our courses, activities and booth camps?

  • musical initiations, where the child can discover the material through activities related to music and movement of the body in space. 
  • Percussions, in this workshop the child will have the opportunity to experiment different instruments like: djembe, bass drum, cymbals, bells, maracas and other percussion instruments.
  • DJ’ing, the child will discover the art of DJ’ing, record players, music programs, all the basic knowledge will be given to him. 
  • Production, the child will be able to learn musical production through workshops using softwares like Ableton and analog instruments, all the material will be made available, so that the kids can learn to create their own musical productions.


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