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The project was started in 2017 and is divided in 3 categories



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We aim to bring you the best dancefloor killer tracks, through our channel of vinyl distribution. Our weapons Trippy minimal, micro-house and bouncy electro beats.

Based in Brussels, The Void Project is a label that draws its energy from the unique nightlife and the incredible diversity of the Belgian capital. Inspired by the sounds of the 90s, we want to highlight the creativity and richness of the world of electronic music.

Founded in 2017 by A. G, a passionate music lover, The Void Project is dedicated to sharing the love of good music and collaborating with artists from all horizons, bringing to each release a unique atmosphere and varied styles.

Music, before ego, is the philosophy of the project. Our mission is to share the best songs for the dancefloor, whether they are produced by known artists or new faces. Good music knows no boundaries, creed or color.


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